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Rescued turkey

These baby turkeys live at The Retreat Animal Rescue. They were bred on a factory farm – where the majority of turkeys who are eaten in the UK are raised – and were destined to be slaughtered for somebody’s Christmas dinner.

Thankfully they were rescued and will get to spend the rest of their lives free from harm and full of the love and care they deserve.

Turkeys are wonderful animals who have complex social structures. They are excellent communicators, each of whom has a unique voice and they are able to recognise faces. Wild turkeys would naturally live in woodland areas where they are able to explore and dust bathe. On modern day farms, turkey are usually confined to cramped sheds with very little natural sunlight where their natural instructs to explore, dust bathe and to live free are denied to them.

Help turkeys just like these little ones by opting for a meat-free alternative this Christmas.

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